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News | Customer engagement: the only way to boost brands (and revenue) post pandemic

Customer engagement: the only way to boost brands (and revenue) post pandemic

June 28 2022 By FoneWorx customer engagement, chatbots, web app, sms, facebook messenger, whatsapp, mobile, web, competitions

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Omnichannel engagement; individualised customer experiences that prioritise privacy; and conversational commerce strategies that connect brands to customers are listed by Forbes as some of the top customer experiences that agile, successful brands should be embracing as they navigate 2022.

All these trends have one thing in common - they use the vehicle of customer engagement to elevate the customer experience. This is critical in our post-pandemic marketplace, as brands recover from the severe restrictions related to the various lockdowns the world over.  

In fact, global marketing research firm, Forrester, says 'we may be done with the pandemic, but it is not done with us. The fallout and associated economic upheaval will radically change the ways in which we conceive of customer experience (CX), forcing CX leaders to execute a grand pivot in their approach to designing and delivering experiences for their customers'.

The trends listed by Forbes as well as other customer engagement tools are vital to implementing this grand pivot, which relies on nurturing customer relationships like never before.

At its heart, that's exactly what customer engagement is: the process of brands interacting with their customers through various channels to develop and strengthen their relationships with them.

Customer engagement throughout the customer journey benefits both buyers and suppliers, because it develops customer loyalty, provides valuable customer information, and ultimately escalates close rates on sales while meeting B2B customer expectations.

The customer insights gathered during this process alone are worth their weight in gold, as they allow brands and their marketing agencies to retarget content development, sales processes, messaging and outreach methods where necessary.

Tech research and consulting firm, Gartner, says customer engagement boosts the brand experience; increases customer loyalty and trust; provides invaluable customer feedback and insight; improves the customer experience; and increases sales funnel velocity.

In South Africa, chatbots, mobile-based competitions, customised web and app solutions, together with bulk inbound and outbound SMS campaigns that stimulate high customer engagement are the order of the day.

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